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Social Traffic vs. Search Traffic: Which Is Better For Bloggers?

we always look to answer the big questions. One question that has been plaguing me for a long time is:

  • What is the right marketing channel for my blog?

Is social the right way? Or is it search? Where should most of my marketing efforts go?

As I researched the best marketing channels, I realized that “blogs” are different businesses that have different clients. Some blogs are technical and specific, and others are generic and informational. There is no one single solution for all blogs.

Is It Better To Get Social Traffic Or Search Traffic?

Backlinko is the popular SEO blog on the internet. Brian Dean (the owner of Backlinko) doesn’t even write that many articles. He focuses on a few pieces, but he pushes that content considerably. Understandably, search engines offer him the highest amount of traffic for Backlinko.

And rightfully so. A blog about SEO should have a lot of search traffic.

It’s actually pretty awesome that he gets 4% of his traffic from social media because you wouldn’t expect technical SEO content to do well on social media at all. My guess is most of this traffic comes from Twitter as there are a lot of marketers on there tweeting and retweeting SEO hacks.

The two other numbers that stand out are direct traffic (34%) and email traffic (7%).

That amount of direct traffic suggests Backlinko is a great brand. And that high of email traffic suggests that every time he sends out an email, he’s making his subscribers excited about his high-quality content.